Contemporary books
inspired by ancient wisdom
for the general reader

Fitzrovia Press is a small independent publishing house dedicated to publishing fiction and non-fiction inspired by world spirituality. Our subject areas include yoga, alternative spirituality, ecology, mysticism, Hindu philosophy, storytelling and children’s books.


The Dangerous Book
The Bible As You've Never Seen It
Jay Ramsay with Martin Palmer
A dazzling plunge into the Bible with a startling new twist of poetry and imagination.


The Eight Elements
My Journey Through Life's Mysteries
Ranchor Prime
A beautiful and personal reflection on divine presence in nature.


Manu's Ark
India's tale of the Great Flood
Emma More
A cosmic fish rescues the world. For ages 5-11


Bhagavad Gita
Talks Between the Soul and God
translation with contemporary interpretation by Ranchor Prime
with 20 line drawings by Charles Newington
Publication : May 2010

‘This naked, electric, and juicily written retelling of biblical stories should be in the library of all lovers of God. A brave and wonderful book by one of our most authentic visionary poets. Relish it.’
Andrew Harvey

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