Bhagavad Gita
Talks between the soul and God
translation with reflections by Ranchor Prime


An ancient conversation for a modern audience – anyone who has ever asked ‘what is the purpose of life? or ‘who am I?’ will find something in this book.

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Eternal Dance of Love
The Beautiful Story of Lord Chaitanya


The one who descended from the spiritual realm to bring the gift of pure love and lasting joy – an unforgettable story to touch your soul

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The Eight Elements
My journey through life's mysteries
Ranchor Prime

In this beautiful book the author reflects on his journey and, one by one, introduces the reader to the eight elements of ancient Hindu cosmology - John Martineau

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Cows and the Earth
A story of dairy farming
Ranchor Prime

The story of Britain’s first dairy in modern times to run entirely without animal slaughter or the use of fossil fuels.


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